Monstrack Train

What is Monstrack?

MonstrackTrain is a tracking system we developed for trains, utilizing the GSM/GPRS network, which enables you to monitor the status, the exact location and the movement of your train through a web-based application. The system will warn you if there is any safety related event occurs during the train movement, this includes when it goes over the speed limit.

Monstrack System

Our MonstrackTrain system is accessible from the convenience of your desktop, as well as your mobile devices, such as laptops and smartphones. It is so reliable, that if the data network fails, then the persistently recorded tracking data, which includes the precise location, the engine status, the work hour, etc; will be sent via SMS. Thus, you as the Operator or as the Authority could use these collected data to learn and plan, in order to take your service to next level.

Our system is scalable in size. You may have more parameters to be monitored and more train to be kept an eye on in the future, but we can assure you that there will be no problem when MonstrackTrain system is your tracking system.

Where is your vehicle’s position?

Monstrack is able to inform the position of your vehicle by utilizing GPS technology. By knowing the exact position, the supply or support for your vehicle will arrive to the site efficiently. Monstrack can also alert you when the vehicle is out of the defined area.

Monstrack helps you to look over the health of your vehicle. Monstrack will provide you with engine status, caution alerts, and also abnormality codes. You will be able to setup the periodic maintenance plan based on those information. Even, those information also can be used to identify the required parts for the maintence before the mechanic travels to the site. It will significantly reduce your cost of transportation, maintence work and downtime.

How Does Monstrack Work ?

  1. GPS Satelite provide position information to the equipment at the field.
  2. The Monstrack controller in your vehicle gathers engine data and position, then send this information trough the GSM or ORBCOMM Network.
  3. a. GSM Network passes the information to monstrack data center
  4. b. ORBCOMM satelite transmit the information to monstrack data center
  5. Monstrack Data Center in Jakarta stores and process the data You can access the information gathered from your vehicle directly via internet.