PrimaSaver, whose system is designed by PT Imani Prima to lower active power or Kilowatt Hour (KWh) of 15% at a minimum. As a result, the electricity bill would be more efficient. Saving electricity is important due to the lack of global electricity supply, and it is in line with the Presidential Instruction Number 10 of 2005 on Energy Saving.

  • The saving is calculated by comparing kWh reading between the incoming and the outgoing.
  • Improving the power quality itself.

Real Reduce Electrical Energy

Two Year Guarantee
Tested by B2TKE BPPT, Meet the requirement from B2TKE BPPT (Main Station of Energy Conversion Technology-Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology)

Ten Year Lifetime
Long last lifetime gives its user more durable equipment and enjoys the return of investment (ROI) of the installed equipment.
Minimum power capacity of 100 kVA.

Remote Online Saving Realtime Monitoring

Flexible Investment Scheme
Imani Prima cooperating with the qualified financial institution to offer our client the flexible investment scheme to facilitate its users with the optimum Return on Investment while enjoying the saving result itself.


Video recording testing

This recording is deliberately taken on one of our clients who have been using a PrimeSaver for more than 3 years, which is installed with chiller load, proved to be a decline in electrical energy by more than 15%.