Remotely Monitor Your Campaign

Allows you to monitor when and where your ads are being played, for how long, how many times, even down to which device is playing it, in real time. We have all the logs for you. Allows you to monitor your ads impressions. You will be able to know who your viewers are, in what circumstances they are, as well as their demographics, etc.
We take all the technicality and its maintenance out of your way. All you have to do is focusing on your campaign.

On Demand Content Update

Your market trend changes fast, so does your marketing campaign. You can put up and take down your ads anytime you want, remotely from anywhere you are.

Smart Digital Signage System
Configurable to interact with your viewers, as well as their surrounding environment; triggering more engagements from them, so they will stay longer for your ads.

Cognitive and Deep Learning Analytics

Smartmedia system has the power to build the profile of your ads and its viewers excellently, which in turn will be able to adapt which ads are being played on a particular spot for particular viewers. In the end, it will help you to figure out your viewer’s interest and behaviour.


Save time and money to get your campaign analytical insight; expand your campaign to the next level.Reports and numbers will be seamlessly generated for you, such as GRP, TRP, ROI, etc. You simply tap on your gadget and there you get it.

Get the advantages by using SmartMedia.

  • Remote real-time content update
  • Instant content take-down to handle complaints
  • Real time report

For more information about our services, feel free to reach us.